I have a friend at work who is looking to lose weight.  They make it a point to show me what they are doing and what they are eating.

This is great because it is like having a little assistant helping through your process.  I don’t mind at all.  Then they mentioned “well this is 2 points on Weight Watchers..” and I had to stop them right there.

This is not the first “diet” process they have tried.  I’m not knocking Weight Watchers or any other system that may be out there.  In fact, if it helps you and you are losing weight, then do it!

For me, I have tried a lot.  The basic fundamental is BURN MORE THAN YOU CONSUME.  Pretty simple, right?


Look, there is no magic POTION or pill, or program that is going to make you lose weight and feel better about your body.  I talked earlier about it not taking 24 hours to put on the weight, so stop thinking you are going to lose it in 24 hours!

What can I do right off the bat?

PORTION control!

Put the “R” in POTION, and it’s PORtion.  How much are you eating?  Do you even know?  If it’s bad for you, would you still eat it?

If putting sugar in your gas tank makes it run bad would you do it?  Would you replace oil in your car with syrup?

NO, it would run bad and quit working.  Some of us take better care of our cars than our bodies.  Unlike a car, you cannot turn this body in for a new one whenever you want.  OR CAN YOU?

Start today by making the trade in for a better you.  A healthier you.  A more fit you!  A better eater YOU!

Start by keeping track of what you eat.  Everything, include the time as well.  At the end of the day, look back at it.

Good?  Bad?  Better choices to make?  HOW MUCH did you eat?

It’s easy to say “I had Pizza” but the reality is that you had 6 slices and not one or two.  Think about your portions.  They say that when you ball up your fist, that’s how big your stomach is.  Fit only what it can take.  Make better choices.

I cheated a bit this past weekend.  I had some special dips with chips at the restaurant that I probably could have either cut way back on, or done without overall!  I am a SUCKER for chips and guac and special dips.

SALT is my vice!  It’s my kryptonite if I were Superman.  I LOVE salt and anything it is on.  My friend Bruce says that I salt my salt!  It’s not that bad, but man I love it.  Have I cut it out of my diet?


Have I cut down a lot?  YUP!

Check your portions this week.  Keep that fist size in mind.

Oh, and after you take a few bites, STOP.  Slow down.  It takes your brain 20 minutes to process the fact that you have eaten any amount of food and if you are full.

Slow down.

Enjoy your food.  Just eat LESS of it at a time.  After you eat…DO SOMETHING!

Walk, run, dance, get active.  BURN MORE THAN YOU PUT IN and you should see/feel some results.  My shorts are too big.  I am happy about that, but sad because they are my favorite shorts!

I will take that complaint ALL DAY!


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