The box office had a return of larger numbers this weekend. Looks like the new movies that came out brought lots of excitement with the numbers as well. Especially the number one and most talked about of the weekend.

Somehow I knew which one would land in that top slot. Maybe because it co- starred Oprah Winfrey? That has a lot to do with it I’m sure. However, on top of that, word is – IT’S GREAT! Word of mouth, great promotion, and a “strong release date” helped the success of “Lee Daniels’ The Butler” for sure. It closed the weekend with over $25mil.

That brings us to the number two movie of the weekend. Was it another one of the new ones I told you about on Fri? Nope! The number two from last week got comfy and didn’t want to leave that spot. Jennifer Aniston comedy “We’re the Millers” hangs on and continues to please audiences this weekend.

The movie that had the most hype and brought the biggest weekend disappointment is “Kick Ass 2”. Guess it didn’t quite have what it takes to even make the top three for it’s weekend debut. Making less than $15mil it’s opening days, it ends up at number four.

So how did the rest of the top five look for a busier summer weekend this past week? Well I can tell you that the new flicks didn’t all quite land so nicely. Here is a look at the top five. . .

#1. The Butler

#2. We’re the Millers

#3. Elysium

#4. Kick Ass 2

#5. Planes

Two other major newcomers didn’t make much noise either. The Steve Jobs biopic “Jobs”  was quiet at number 7 while the new Harrison Ford thriller ‘Paranoia” didn’t even find itself in the top ten. Hope this helps you to find one to watch this week. 😉



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