Kool New Stuff in Theaters

As talks of monsoon storms on the way for the weekend happen, we gotta figure out some ways to avoid the heat and enjoy the weekend. So you know I have to fill you in on the weekend lineup in theaters.

Now, there are already some great names in the box office but this week we add a few more and some that I definitely have in my plan to see.  Joining Jennifer Aniston, Matt Damon, Denzel Wahshington, and Mark Wahlberg in the box office this weekend are Ashton Kutcher with Matthew Modine, Harrison Ford with Liam Hemsworth, and Forest Whitaker with Oprah Winfrey. Let’s take a look at the titles and ratings to help you decide…

Let’s start with a biopic that stars Aston Kutcher as Steve Jobs, Apple co-founder, and follows his steps from the early years to the many years of major success. This is a very intimate look at a very driven and controversial man. “Jobs” Rated PG13

Another new pic is one you may have seen previews and interviews of Oprah for. It features a pretty star studded lineup with not only Oprah and Forest Whitaker, but also Jane Fonda, Robin Williams, John Cusac, Terrance Howard, and Cuba Gooding Jr. just to name a few! The story is one of a butler that served eight US presidents over a 30 year span. “Lee Daniels’ The Butler”. Rated PG13

If those aren’t the ones for you maybe a film about a likeable blue collar worker (Liam Hemsworht) who becomes a corporate spy for a CEO with a scheme. This one takes twists and turns that you may not expect. “Paranoia” Rated PG13

Oh and we can’t forget the others already in the theaters that may have a little less traffic now that they aren’t as new. Here is last week’s top 5.

#1. Eylsium

#2. We’re The Millers

#3. Planes

#4. Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

#5. 2 Guns

Have a wonderful weekend!!


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