Have you ever been working really hard at something and all of a sudden someone says something that makes you STOP in your tracks! It happened today.

I have my daily routine.  Each morning when I leave for work, I stop in to my favorite Starbucks to pick up an iced coffee.  Bill is always sitting in the far corner, so a hardy “Good Morning” comes out and life is good.  Zach is working behind the counter with Amber and Vicki.

This time Vicki is at the register to take my money as they already know what the drink is.  Pretty KOOL.

Today, Vicki says to me, “It looks like your losing weight. Are you losing weight?”.  I reply to her that I am and she says “What are you doing to lose your weight, you look good!”.

CURSED! Those words, as kind as they are and for how great they make me feel…”You look good…” is THE CURSE!

The switch goes off in the head, “Oh, she said I look good…” and all of the cheating thoughts come into play.  “I can have some fries today, she said I look good.”, or “this extra helping is all good, she said I look good.”

Oh my. I told her, “thank you very much for the kind words but now I have to be extra careful because you have now “cursed” my plan…”.

I know this is true for a lot of people.  It happened to me before, but this time I am going to use the words as my motivation.  I will remember what happened last time someone said, “You look good!” and use that as my motivation to do more work today.

I am already thinking about my walk around the neighborhood.  I am already thinking about what dinner is going to be like tonight and what I am going to do next to hit my next goal.

I am shooting to be below 220 by the end of the month.  Right now I am at 226 down from 250.

The game is on. I am determined to chug through this.

How are you doing today?  What are you stuck on?  How well or bad is your lifestyle change going?  Your Experience?  How can I help?

Make it a great day today.  Smile.  Laugh.  Reflect, and be good…no, be great!


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