We have milestones throughout life.  Our first steps, high school, career job, you get it.  I think the same is true in everyday life.

Now that we are taking this new “lifestyle” so serious, I must have milestones.  These are the small (as sometimes big) steps in achieving success in this “experience”.  You can call them goals too.  Pretty much the same concept.

They should be realistic goals/milestones.  Am I really going to achieve this?  Am I going to be able to make these goals reality?  Let’s lay some out.

One milestone for me is to do more cooking at home.  Like a lot of people, time is an issue.  It’s been a long day, work has been stressful or action packed and the last thing you want to do is go home and cook.

I have said this to my wife and myself for far too long.  This is why I have made myself create a “menu” for each week.  I touched on this in the last blog.

Write it out.  Monday through Sunday.  Make a plan.

It turns out for me that if I create a plan, it is easier to stick with.  When you have to scramble each night to figure out what you’re going to yank out of the fridge to cook, it can be a hassle and then you end up at a restaurant.

Not good. So I have been making the cooking plans. In fact, I do all the grocery shopping for the family. Every Sunday morning, nice and early, I head out to the Fry’s Super Market Place and get my shopping done. I have my list, I get my stuff, and I am out. No crowds, no hassles, and I feel GREAT after I am done.

Another milestone I have is my food diary.  A few years ago I was seeing a nutritionist and she wanted me to keep a log of everything…

I mean everything I was eating.

I did not understand why I had to write down all of this crap, but she insisted.  She wanted to see what I was putting in my body and how that was working with my weigh ins and such.

It turns out that it made more aware than ever of what I was eating, when I was eating it, and how it affected my weight!  I am still doing this. EACH DAY!  It’s a challenge, but I can tell you that it helps me be aware of the food I am eating and how much.

A BIG milestone for me is weight.

Here is where I tell you what the “60” is all about.  When I started this journey, I did it through the workplace here at the station.

They offered a deal for my health insurance that if you take a health evaluation test, they can get you a bit of a discount on your health insurance.

Good deal!

I took the test, and according to my results, I am living in the “obese” category!  Are you kidding me?  I have been healthy my entire life and very active.

Sports was the main staple in my world and now I have some test telling me I am OBESE?

Wow.  That hit home.

SO, I topped the scale at about 250.  I have NEVER been that heavy, but the scale does not lie.  Where is all of this weight?  My arms are not fat, my legs are not fat, but my BELLY… oh you know the belly, that sucker is killing me.

The index on the survey said for my weight, height, and age, I should be 172-180 pounds.  WHAT?!

I have not been that “light” since…HIGH SCHOOL! OH MY!

At the time of the survey, I was on the scale at about 240. So, 240-180= 60.  This is where the “60” comes from.

I don’t know if I can get to 180, that would be a big streatch…BUT the NUMBER…60…is my motivation that this LIFESTYLE is SERIOUS!

I want to see my kids grow up and get married.  I want to play with my grandchildren when the time comes.

I need to start this new LIFESTYLE right now!

Will I lose 60 pounds? I’m not sure. That is a lot of weight.  Can I do it? Yes.

It’s going to take time.  Once again, I did not get to this weight overnight. It took many months, maybe years to get to the 250 mark, so I understand and accept the fact that it is going to take time to make it go away!

I have these little “60”‘s cut out and pasted everywhere.  The car, the house, the office, in the studio.  A constant reminder.

We live in a society where things have to happen NOW or they are not working.  No one wants to wait.  NOW!

Heck, have you ever stood in front of the MICROWAVE and stopped the cooking early because you did not want to wait?  LOL!  I do that all the time!


Understand it is going to take time, effort, hard work, discipline, and HELP!  I am here for you.  I know you will be here for me.  Together, we can help anyone who wants to do the same thing.

Best to you and your MILESTONES.  Let’s pave the way!


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