Here’s the info and trailers for you if you’re headed to the movies!

Planes  (PG)

Dane Cook stars as Dusty, a single-propeller cropduster with a fear of heights, in this new Pixar movie inspired by the “Cars” movies.  Stacy Keach plays his mentor, Teri Hatcher is Dusty’s mechanic, and Brad Garrett is his fuel truck.

John Cleese, Cedric the Entertainer, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus are also in it . . . “Top Gun” fans will get a kick out of Val Kilmer and Anthony Edwards as a pair of fighter jets . . . and Pixar good luck charm John Ratzenberger does a cameo too.

We’re the Millers  (R)

Jason Sudeikis is a small-time drug dealer who gets his stash stolen.  His supplier, Ed Helms, tells him that in order to set things right, he’ll have to personally smuggle their latest shipment across the border from Mexico.

Jason doesn’t want to get caught so he gets a stripper, a runaway, and a horny virgin to pose as his family while he makes the trip.  Jennifer Aniston is his stripper “wife”, Emma Roberts is his runaway “daughter”, and Will Poulter from the Narnia movie “Voyage of the Dawn Treader” is the kid posing as their son.

Elysium  (R)

Matt Damon stars in this sci-fi movie that was written and directed by “District 9’s” Neill Blomkamp.  Elysium is a space station where the Earth’s wealthiest people live in luxury as the rest of the world suffers with crime and poverty.

He’s desperate to get up there for a cure that can save his life, so he accepts a dangerous mission that could bring the whole system down.  Jodie Foster is in charge of Elysium’s security and “District 9’s” Sharlto Copley is her hired killer.




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