It’s been a tough week this week. I made it through the weekend. I had some wings…no ranch, but wings anyway. Not the best thing, but over the course of the week, it was about the only borderline food I had for my “diet”. My diet is to eat healthy. No name diet. Just my past knowledge from doctors and nutritionists I have seen over the years. Right now I am hovering around the same weight…for almost a week now. It can be frustrating, but there is a lot more going on than I realize. I did NOT want to walk last night. It was a long day with work and picking up the kids then cooking dinner. But I MADE myself put on the walking shoes and get out there. As I got out on the route, I remembered why I am doing this. To change my lifestyle. To become more healthy. To make a change. As the music played in my ear buds, I was calmed a bit and then the motivation kicked in. Night time walking. Peaceful. I can only see what’s immediately around me. The 3.2 miles in less than an hour went by fast. The sweat at the end of the walk made it worth it. This is the goal. THIS is the change. THIS is the lifestyle. In order to change, you have to commit to the change. You have to dive in the deep end and DO IT. Nike had something right with the phrase “JUST DO IT.” Perfect.

I know that scale will be a different number soon. Here is the kicker. No matter what the scale says, it’s the way I FEEL that is changing more than the scale numbers. The shirts fit better and are a little looser. The pants need an extra notch to tighten on the belt. The comments from people “looks like your losing weight..” that make me FEEL different. These comments can also be the curse. That’s when I say things to myself like “ahhh, they notice, so I can reward myself or back off a bit…celebrate.” NO! It is the MOTIVATION to do MORE and be MORE active. I am searching the web for new food ideas, new methods to cook and prepare food not only for me, but for the family. Let me tell you, being more in touch with your health, your body, your well being…that shoud be motivation enough!

Later today, I will stop in to the Fry’s grocery store and check my blood pressure. 2 weeks ago, I had NO IDEA what a healthy blood pressure is let alone what the numbers meant. Now I have a better idea of where I should be. You should too! Make an appointment to see the doc would ya?! You pay the health insurance, so do it. Start today. Make the appointment. Then, make a plan to get healthy. What do you want to do? Lose weight? Exercise? Eat better? Lower the blood pressure or cholesterol? Make a plan. Write it down. Follow it. I write out the menu for dinner at the house. There is a plan. Saves me time, and makes life a whole lot easier. This is NOT ROCKET SCIENCE. It’s common sense and follow through. You can do it. I am here to help. Good luck! More coming…let me know how you are doing.


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