Continuing my week of interviews with The Monkees in advance of tomorrow night’s show at Mesa Arts Center, here’s a classic conversation with Micky Dolenz.  At the time we sat down, MTV had just begun re-running The Monkees tv show, which brought them a whole new generation of fans.

‘That Was Then, This Is Now’ was The Monkees first top 20 hit in 18 years, and they had just played their first Phoenix concert in over a decade and a half.

In this interview, Mickey talked about:

– their first trip to Phoenix in 1967 which was filmed for their The Monkees tv show

– what he had been doing before their 1986 reunion

– the film clip filmed in Phoenix that was used as part of the opening for the tv show (it wasn’t the concert!)

– a cryptic message on the back of ‘The Birds The Bees and The Monkees‘ album posted next to Micky‘s picture on the back cover.

– a Monkees movie that never happened.

There’s no way he could have foreseen he’d still be performing with The Monkees in 2013.  See you at tomorrow night’s show.


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