Looks like last minute back to school shopping may have slowed things down at the box office this weekend. Or maybe it’s just that there wasn’t that much to get that excited about really.

Actually the one newcomer I heard was the one to see this week also ended up filling that number one slot. 2 Guns- Rated R.  Denzel Washington teams up with Mark Wahlberg for an exciting new flick that brought in just under $30 mil it’s opening weekend.

Mark Walhberg did that on his own back when he did Contraband (with same director) so adding Denzel you would think the movie would have done much better. But again with school starting back throughout much of the country the movies weren’t as busy as they have been the rest of the summer.

Even with claws, Wolverine couldn’t hang on to that top spot this week and falls to number two. Still one to watch if you haven’t as I have heard great things about this one and plan to see it during the day tomorrow now that things have slowed down around the theaters for the summer.

Smurfs 2 didn’t do as well as the first movie. It comes in at number three even with a Wed opening. After seeing the trailer we decided it was definitely one to watch when it comes to cable.

Here is a look at the rest of what made it into the top 5 this week. And now that the kids are back in school maybe you wanna have a nice quiet day to yourself and pick a good flick to see while you are at it….

#1. 2 Guns

#2. The Wolverine

#3. The Smurfs 2

#4. The Conjuring

#5. Despicable Me 2


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