Here we are.  It’s Friday and there is a whole bunch of things going on this weekend.

A birthday party Saturday, then meeting friends for a dinner night out.

Sunday is a BBQ at a friend’s house and Sunday night is movie night.

How do you do all of this and still eat healthy?  The other thing to consider is that on the weekends, you spend more time at the house.

More time by your refrigerator.  More times to be looking inside.  Chances are you are not looking for food, but for something to DO!

Have you ever started eating something and say to yourself “I’m not really hungry, but I’m eating!” I do that a lot.  It is a big mind game with yourself!

Take that time with your refrigerator and make it a fun time.  Drag out the carrots, celery, fruit, lettuce…you name it.  Start packing yourself some snacks.

glad ware

I have picked up these awesome containers at the store.

Twist top, so they are easy to use and store in the fridge.  They have a bunch of different sizes so you can store whatever you want.  I may be a bit OCD about this, but that’s just me.

Chop up some food and fill ’em up.  When you go to the movies, take something with you.

When you are working in the backyard, grab one of your containers and dig in.

Think about WHAT you are putting in your body.  Remember, everything is a choice.

Just make the right choice this weekend.

Go for a walk, do something else.

Don’t make refrigerator surfing your sport!


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