On July 18, the actual city of Detroit filed for the largest municipal bankruptcy case in U.S. history, and its hometown rock stars are, well, not surprised.

Motor City’s $18 billion debt, 78,000 abandoned homes, and steady exodus of population and industry were part and parcel to the historical Chapter 9 filing, and both Kid Rock and Ted Nugent shared their downtrodden, but persevering feelings on the situation with Billboard.

Ted Nugent, was none too surprised with the bankruptcy, said “[T]he entire suicidal course began before the ’67 riots and hasn’t changed since. We’ve already shed our tears and fortified ourselves and improvised and adapted. We pray every night, and I believe it will turn around.”

Nugent singled out “liberal Democrats” and a litany of mayors, congressional representatives, and labor unions that created policies and corrupt circumstances that, as he put it, “you can’t practice and expect to survive.”

“It’s heartbreaking but also fortifying in some ways,” said Nugent. “It exposes the culture of taking what you can get and not caring what the outcome will be and the scam of being in the liability column and taking advantage of everybody else. My brain won’t allow me to pursue that, to scam my fellow American. Maybe people will see that has to stop now. (Detroit) has to improvise, adapt and overcome. Business as usual is over. Let’s just hope it’s not too late.”

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