Neal Schon ‘Open Arms’ To Steve Perry?

There are many artists in this business that are just flat-out amazing at their craft.  Then, there are a few ‘voices’ that break through even the most talented folks.

Voices that when you hear them, you know EXACTLY who it is and what the song is.  They just stand out as the best.

I put Steve Perry in that class.  When you heard him sing, you knew it was Journey, and chance are it was a HUGE record.

Even his solo work and his song “Foolish Heart”.  One of the best. I, like many other Journey fans, was amazed when Journey found Arnel Pineda to fill the almost un-fillable shoes of Steve Perry.

I watched the Journey concert on TV…then DVD…and I was shocked at how much Arnel sounded like Steve.  Steve can never really be replaced by anyone, but this was as close at it was going to get.

Unless…well, check out the story HERE.

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