Michael Jackson & Freddie Mercury Demos Coming UPDATE!!


So I just learned that when Freddie & michael were recording, they had intentions of doing more than just 3 songs. There were some scheduling conflicts, and something very strange. Michael brought a llama into the studio! Queen manager Jum Beach says, “They got on well except for the fact that I suddenly got a call from Freddie, saying ‘Jim, dear, can you get over here…You’ve got to get me out of here. I’m recording with a llama…I’ve had enough and I want to get out.”. How strange is that!

If you are a fan of Michael Jackson and Freddie mercury, you will dig this.

Back in 1983, they had studio time and recorded some songs.  They have never really come out, but soon they will be.

Remember the song “State Of Shock” by Michael Jackson and Mick Jagger?

Freddie Mercury was in this song originally. I found a demo of it check it out below!

For the rest of the story on what could be coming out soon, click right HERE.

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