I finally got to a movie today. Took the kids to see Grown Ups 2 and we loved it!!! Adam Sandler does it again. We laughed so much and so hard I actually came to tears twice! Without ruining it, I will just say there is also a flashback to the 80’s in this one that will have you naming all of the characters you see (as I was).

If you are looking for a way to survive the heat this weekend one great way is to head to the box office. Especially since the summer season brings so many movies to choose from. So now let me give you a few of what the country says are the “hot ones” this week…

The one I’m actually kinda excited to see this weekend is the one about the snail “Turbo” which actually came out this week on Wed. A good one for the entire family!

If you would like to be scared this weekend the one I hear the one that really is scary stars Patrick Wilson “The Conjuring”. Rated R

Theaters also welcome newcomers “R.I.P.D” starring Jeff Bridges and Ryan Rynolds, “Red 2” with Bruce Willis, and “Only God Forgives” with Ryan Gosling.

Plus let’s not forget the big ones from last week. Here is a list of the top five….

#1. Despicable Me 2

#2. Grown Ups 2

#3. Pacific Rim

#4. The Heat

#5. The Lone Ranger

Good luck trying to pick! Have a wonderful weekend and be sure to stay Kool. 🙂


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