Paul The Pro

How many times have you been to a concert to see your favorite artist only to have them start performing a bunch of songs you just don’t know?

You spend a ton of money on a ticket, not just for you but for your friend you are taking with you or for your husband or wife…so double it.

Then you pay to park, so before you even get into the show, you’re in the hole.

Then once you get in, you need to get a $16 beer.  “Hey buddy, I did not want a case of beer, just one beer!” My-lanta.

Now you get to your seat and the show is ready to begin.  The band comes out and breaks into a huge song you remember from back in the day and you are PUMPED UP!

THEN, as if someone showed you a picture or your grandparents making out, you hear something like this “Thanks for coming out, our next song is from our new album coming out next month…”


Do I sit here and check it out, or do I beat the crowd BACK to the beer stand before the line is too deep?  I have seen this happen at EVERY SHOW.

Tom Petty recently said that he hates going on stage and playing the same stuff, so he want to play newer or un-released songs.  Hey, don’t get me wrong, I think they should play a couple of songs like that, but not a ton.

I paid BIG BUCKS, got a baby-sitter, made plans to get out of work a bit early to watch my favorite artist play songs I KNOW!  It’s not rocket science.

Seems that Paul McCartney knows this.  Seems that he understands that his fans want to see him play the Beatles.  Seems that he knows that people would love (and probably close their eyes and imagine) him on stage again with the Fab 4.

To go back in time and remember.  To smile.  To Feel good.  What a concept.

Here is a story of his recent show HERE.  See you at the next concert!  Let’s have a beer!

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