I wanted to share an experience that I had today and say “thank you” to an unknown person. Thanks? To a stranger? YES!

We have all heard of “pay it forward” but may never be on the receiving end of someone doing just that. Well today I found out just how good it feels to have a complete stranger do something nice for no apparent reason.

And the most amazing part was he didn’t even stick around to see the response. “Wow” is all I could think and say when I pulled through the drive thru to get my morning coffee at Dutch Bros. I ordered my usual and as I handed the man my stamp card and money he handed the money back and said the man who was 5 cars ahead of mine paid for the next 10 cars!

I looked around to see if he was there looking on to see how happy we all were as we pulled through and got our drink for free. But nope. They said he paid and left.

I must have smiled for minutes about it. And each time I think about it I smile again. What a nice thing to do. And more than myself, I thought of the other 9 people and what kind of day they may have been having before then.

I could just picture what that may have done for someone else. If only we could all just be mindful of others around us that we may not know. Not knowing what kind of day they may be having. Nothing says we have to go buying random people coffee, but what is so hard about a kind gesture?

The power of being nice. Oh what a difference it can make. So thanks to the man who made my day! And more than likely that of 9 others. You are “Kool” in my book. 🙂



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