I Need A Vacation

If you are like me, you think about vacation…never.

Too busy!

I need a vacation.  Especially knowing that on this day back in 1955, my favorite vacation spot opened. Disneyland!

I am a Wisconsin boy, born and raised, and the closest “theme park” I went to was either Wisconsin Dells, Dandilion Park in Muskego, or Marriott’s Great America (Now Six Flags Great America) in Gurnee, Illinois.

I got to march in the band at Marriott’s each year in High School, and Disney World as a senior in High School.

Then in college at the University Of Wisconsin La Crosse (Go Marching Chiefs…over, up, set, kick), we marched at Disney World again.

I fell in love.

Once I moved to California in 1988, I was exposed to the park that I could only watch on TV through the Wonderful World Of Disney.  There is something about the park that I love.  The way I’m treated as a guest when I am there, the memories, you name it. It is a special place.

I have pictures of my kids from every year with Mickey. (even when Sandra was pregnant) Now, they are growing up and they love the park as much as we do.

When they get married and have children, I am sure they will share the same with their kids.

Thank you Walt for your vision and you creations.

Charlie Huero Photo

Charlie Huero Photo

mickey I Need A Vacation

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