Over the course of its five seasons, “True Blood” has consistently been one of the best shows on television not only for fans of vampires but for music fans as well. Each episode is named after a song title, and a number of artists have contributed new recordings to the show. Every week during season six, Radio.com will check in with “True Blood” Music Supervisor Gary Calamar, who has been nominated for GRAMMYs twice for his work on the show. To see previous recaps, go here.  

“At Last.” A timeless classic. Recorded in 1941 by the Glenn Miller Orchestra; today, the 1960 version by Etta James is probably the most well known version. It’s never a surprise to hear it at a wedding (where it’s surely been used countless times over the decades). But in a notably unromantic True Blood season — Sookie is not with Bill, Eric or even Alcide anymore, Tara and Pam’s budding romance seems to be going nowhere, Holly is (understandably) mad at Andy Bellefleur for knocking up a fairy and even Jason has yet to get laid — it seemed an odd choice for a show title.

Warning: spoilers ahead, so if you haven’t watched this week’s episode yet, vamoose.

The show used the iconic Etta James version of “At Last,” which pops up at the end of the show as Sookie invites the mysterious Ben Flynn to her house, and she puts the classic record on Gran’s turntable (remember, she’s still living in her late grandmother’s house). All seems to be going well. Very well actually: clothes fly off quicker than usual.  But Sookie, usually the hopeless romantic, has other plans… in the form of a anti-vampire fireball she’s conjured, and is holding right behind Ben’s head. “Get the f*** off me or die,” she says, revealing that she’s discovered his true identity: “Warlow!”  The guy who killed her parents! Awkward!

But it wasn’t even the most awkward scene of the week. That honor went to Sookie’s brother, Jason and… well, Ben/Warlow. That man is definitely making his way around the Stackhouse family!  To be fair, it wasn’t a “real” scene, it was all in Jason’s mind. After getting vampire blood from Ben (while unconscious), he started having the usual erotic dreams/nightmares about his benefactor. In his case, a bathroom session in which the dudes shaved each other (‘s faces). What was playing in the background? Miguel’s “Adorn.”

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— Brian Ives, Radio.com


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