What a major win at the box office this holiday weekend for the new animated sequel “Despicable Me 2”.  The follow up to it’s 2010 original, this one took the number one slot with ease and broke records along the way.

Which brings us to the other new and highly anticipated arrival this weekend “Lone Ranger” which, even though it held the number two slot, came nowhere near the winner for the weekend. Not even a close second.

And don’t expect this week to be any better for the latest from Johnny Depp if word of mouth has anything to do with it. The reviews have been less than “rave” ones. But one you can make up your own mind about. I’ve personally heard mixed emotions about this one.

There are still many other great movies in theaters that have been doing well the last couple weeks and will have less foot traffic now that there are other new ones drawing all the excitement. So if you like a theater with less of a crowd then take a look at some of the others that are doing well and still getting great reviews.

One still getting plenty of attention and good feedback features Sandra Bullock and is in the number three position this week. Below is a list of the top five for you.

#1. Despicable Me 2

#2. Lone Ranger

#3. The Heat

#4. Monsters University

#5. World War Z

The BEST part of this list is the family appeal. Plenty to choose from if you are taking young ones or looking for some good laughs and innocent fun for the entire family. ENJOY!!!!!


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