Ah yes just in time for the holiday are some new movies dropping into theaters that are sure to entertain! I know I’m not the only one excited and ready to find some time out of the heat with ones we have been waiting on.

Let’s start with what’s new for the entire family… “Despicable Me 2” is the one I’m sure we will see this weekend. Even my 20yr old is waiting for this one. And I can’t lie and say I don’t want to see it too. lol

Another new one that Kool sent you to see before anyone else,¬† is one that you are probably¬† already be familiar with. It’s not an original, however it’s an all new 2013 look at “The Lone Ranger”.

Each of these will be working hard with their “new” appeal to knock the number one movie out of that top position. How will they do? We shall have to see what early word of mouth does for each of these new films, while we already know what was the most popular last weekend.

I can tell you there is no shortage of good things to see this weekend in an effort to avoid the heat. And now that you know what’s new let’s take a look at what is already doing well in the box office….

#1. Monsters University

#2. The Heat

#3. World War Z

#4. White House Down

#5. Man of Steel

Looks like plenty to chose from especially since you may have a couple extra days to head to the theater over the holiday weekend. Be safe and enjoy! Have a happy 4th!!


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