So did you make it out to a movie this weekend? It sure made avoiding the heat easy with so many great flicks to choose from. And it looks like the box office numbers are reflecting the need to get out of the heat and Kool off while being entertained.

I was pleasantly surprised by the success of the new Sandra Bullock film “Heat”. It didn’t quite have the juice to take “Monsters” out of the top slot but it gave it a run for it’s money for sure.

A semi-disappointing opening for “White House Down” starring Jamie Foxx and Channing Tatum. And to be honest it’s one I haven’t heard too much about from anyone that I know that went to the movies the last few days. Hmmmmm I just may wait to see this one since there are still so many I have to catch up on this week. And I plan to do just that!

Below is a look at the hottest movies in the box office this past weekend and ones to check out this week if you plan to make the theater a part of your 4th of July week. Having a couple extra days off should make it easy to get out and enjoy some Kooling off with one of the summer blockbusters.

#1. Monsters University ($46.2)

#2. Heat ($40 mil)

#3.  World War Z

#4. White House Down

#5. Man of Steel

Better catch up early this week if you plan to since we know that with the 4th of July holiday always comes some huge new openers. I will have a rundown of those early for you this week so you can be informed and ready to go for the 4th. Happy movie watching to ya!!!


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