The Starship WILL Return

No, I’m not talking about the spaceships that helped build the pyramids or Stonehenge, I’m talking about Starship as in Mickey Thomas and crew.

In fact Mickey is wrapping up work on the return of the group…the first album since 1989!  He has been working with Jeff Pilson who is the bass player in Foreigner on the project.

The album will be titled ‘Loveless Fascination’.  “After so many years of thinking about a Starship album, and stopping and starting, I got together with Jeff.” Thomas tells Ultimate Classic Rock.

“He’s a great talent. A very energetic person. He had this great collection of songs, and he and I got together and our relationship just clicked.  With Jeff’s help, I’ve finally been able to put together a brand new Starship album with totally new original material.  I’m really excited about it.”

Mixing on the album and cover art for the record is happening now and Mickey says it should be out around September 17th.  I am looking forward to it!

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