Box Office Battle

Well by now we all know how hot it’s going to be this weekend so INSIDE is the move for the next few days at least if you want to avoid the flames. lol

I was so pleased with our movie choice last weekend. We saw the number one movie in the theaters “Monsters University” but that still leaves so many that we need to catch up on.

And to make this week’s decision even harder there are some new movies hitting theaters. You will have plenty to choose from. Pick two even!

Have you seen the trailers for the new Jamie Foxx and Channing Tatum flick? Uh yeah the ladies may choose this one just to see Channing. Set in the White House with Jamie Foxx as the president, this is the one most talked about this week. Rated PG13

Also making it’s debut this weekend is the latest from Sandra Bullock, a female powered comedy about an FBI agent and Boston cop that team up to take down a drug lord. “Heat”. Rated R

And Jason Statham returns to the big screen in this weeks action thriller about a homeless, ex special forces man on the run from military court. Full of twists and turns!  “Redemtion” Rated R

Now there are plenty of other great movies already in theaters to choose from. Here are last week’s top 5.

#1. Monsters University

#2. World War Z

#3. Man Of Steel

#4. This Is The End

#5. Now You See Me

Hope this will help you beat the heat this weekend along with staying Kool with the valley’s greatest hits and tix to YES all weekend long. We got you covered! Enjoy!!!


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