I remember my Dad asking me one night when I was in High School…

“Do you want to go to the WHO Concert? I got a guy at work with tickets and he can’t go, you want ’em?”

Holy crap, YES!

I went to the show back in the day at the MECCA Arena downtown Milwaukee where the Milwaukee Bucks basketball team played.  It was their “Farewell Tour”. (The first of many farewell tours).  I remember Tim ‘The Rock & Roll Animal’ sitting out on the ledge of the radio station until Roger Daltrey called him to say they would bring the Farewell Tour to Milwaukee.  The show was incredible!  I really had a ‘ring’ in my ears through the next day at school!


I can also remember paying extra attention to John playing the bass.  So effortless.  So fluid.  The guy was amazing!

On June 27th, 2002, John died.  Right before the band was to go on tour.  We lost a truly great musician.  You better, you bet.

Here is to John.  Boris The Spider.


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