Back in 2008…June 20th…a day like today, Jimmy Buffett announced that his Margaritaville Holdings (company) had partnered with New York gambling company Coastal Marina to buy the Trump Marina Hotel Casino for $316 million.

Jimmy has a business empire including his own tequila, beer, frozen food, footwear, restaurants, a resort, a record label, and a recording studio.  Back in 2006, Rolling Stone Magazine estimated his earning at around $44 million.

Not like the other Buffett who is worth about $53 billion…with a ‘B’.  I would still take the Jimmy cash!

What a star!  Don’t forget his show, coming to town on October 24th to the US Airways Center.

Tom & Maria have tickets tomorrow morning, and Steve Goddard has them this afternoon.  YOU CAN’T BUY THEM until Monday, June 24th, so stay close to win your free tickets from 94.5 KOOL-FM!


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