Did you know that some of these coffee drinks that you order have enough calories, I don’t know, to fulfill your daily calorie intake?

DAILY caloric intake…not a meal, your DAILY caloric intake!!!!

The American Medical Association has voted at their annual meeting that obesity should be classified as a disease-one that needs medical treatment and attention.

Starbucks will start posting the calorie content of its beverages in the stores.  They currently have this on their website and on the Starbucks App, but starting this June 25th…it will be right there in front of your face in the store.

Will this make people think twice about ordering what they do?  Instead of a ‘Venti’, will they settle for a ‘tall’?  Or will it make a difference at all? A tall iced mocha is 230 calories and a blueberry scone is 460 calories.

I am a regular at Starbucks.  My location is on 7th Street and Thunderbird.  Best service, they know me by name and we have a chuckle every morning.  Zach is concerned about my intake of Sweet N Low, and Amber doesn’t mind…she will ask about the kids.

My drink of choice…Venti Iced Coffee, 6 Sweet N Low (yeah, I know) and half & half.


I wonder how this will pan out?  What say you?


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