This is classic.

So, Art Garfunkel is doing a special performance Long Island that has called an “Intimate Rehearsal”.  He did 2 special shows June 7th and June 8th and they had some problems.

In one show a woman was taken out on a stretcher because she fainted. (Art still has this effect), then on another occasion, Art left the stage because he was upset at a person in the audience.

Sitting in the front row of the show was Jon Kaiman.  He is the supervisor for the town of North Hempstead.

Apparently his cell phone started ringing during the show. We have all seen people who realize that they forgot to shut off their phone, only to have it ring and they struggle to “shut it up”!

That happened and Art walked off stage.  He came back after 10 minutes but only after he got an apology from Jon. Mr. Kaiman’s office issued a statement saying “Art Garfunkel was brilliant and gracious, and his music sounds better without a buzzing cellphone.”

Sounds like everything worked out in the end.


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