So you may have heard about a new study that males don’t grow up until the age of 43 OR 11 years later than women.  I don’t know, but do we ever grow up?  I guess we become wiser, but I don’t want to grow up too fast!

At the same time, I;m am not going to try to hang on to the past either.  I am kind of facing this tonight.  I am taking y 14-year-old and my 9-year-old and their friends to a concert and to meet the band backstage.  I honestly do not know this kids music but I have heard of him.  Quite the opposite for the kids. This would be like meeting a rock god to them!

I still feel hip enough to carry it off for sure as this has been my job for almost 30 years in radio.  But I am going to look a little out-of-place in the picture… “who’s the old-looking guy in the picture?” is what comes to mind.  But honestly, it does not bother me.  I will act like a grown up, but I am going to still feel like a kid when I am there.

That may be the difference maker.  I think when we all start to “let go” of those things that make us do “immature” things, it will be better for all.  I am NEVER going to look like, have as much hair as, or be in the same condition as that high school year book picture…EVER.  Time to let go!

  1. What’s there to say about women?

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