Baseball.  Big contracts.  Big business.

The Arizona Diamondbacks showed me that there is a ‘heart’ behind all of the celebrity of the game.  There are 40 rounds in the baseball draft, and that is a lot of players, and a lot of planning of who wants who and who gets their shot at the BIGS.

It’s round 34, and the Arizona Diamondbacks select a player from ASU by the name of Cory Hahn. It’s nice to have the home state player in college play for the home pro team, right?  I think so too, but there is a catch here.  Cory will never play in a game.

Cory is paralyzed from the chest down. In just his 3rd game for the Sun Devils at ASU, Cory slid into 2nd base and had a bad collision with infielders knee.  So bad it shattered a vertebrae in his neck leaving him paralyzed.  Cory was determined to come back and he did.  He was a coach for his former team at ASU and helped his teammates from a special wheelchair.

The Diamondbacks team President and CEO Derrick Hall went to see Cory after his injury and remained close to the family.  Now, they have drafted Cory.  In the 34th round.  His number on his jersey.  Mr. Hall said that he does not want this to be a ‘gesture’ to him, but he wants Cory to work for them.

Mr. Hall, the Arizona Diamondbacks…DID THE RIGHT THING.  What a wonderful story.  I look forward to Cory making an impact on the team, and for those not on the team.

Congratulations Cory!  You are an inspiration!


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