As a 16 year old kid on June 6, 1968, I was scared to death.  It was my first day on the air at KBIX in Muskogee, Oklahoma.  It was the summer between my sophmore and junior year in high school and I was about to crack the mic for the very first time.

So with shaking hands I cued up a record I picked to start things off, and this kid with no previous experience was off and running.  Over the next 45 years I’ve had a lot of memorable moments, but that was one of the biggest.

I don’t have a recording of that day, and there are no pictures of my first few years in broadcasting, but I do remember that first song I played like it was yesterday.

And truth be known, it really doesn’t seem like that long ago.  I’m grateful to still be given the opportunity to keep precticing my craft.

Maybe one day I’ll finally get it right.

Thanks for listening for some of those years.

Here’s that first song I played.

…and a couple of alternate takes….


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