His name is Sparky.  He doesn’t “bark” but he does “talk.”  You will love this guy!

sparky Dog Of The Week   Sparky

Siberian Huskies were bred to “mush” and travel vast distances pulling sleds and it’s because of this instinct that many will yank and pull while on a leashed walk.

Not Sparky though. This cream and brown Husky has mastered the “heel” command and will trot right next to you on his morning and evening stroll around the neighborhood. With plenty of energy to burn, he would also make a great jogging partner as long as the weather isn’t too warm.

Like most Huskies, Sparky can be very independent at times and the 4-year-old isn’t always up for petting and soaking up attention. Sometimes he just needs his “alone” time and will explore the dog park or a spacious yard and sniff every smell until his heart is content. He isn’t an apartment dog and needs plenty of space in his new home.

A few other unique traits about Sparky: he is very clean and huskies rarely give off any dog odors however he is vocal at times and will yodel and yip (not bark) when you talk to him in an excited tone.

DOTW - Sparky (9)
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Sparky is available NOW at the Sunnyslope Adoption Center located at 9226 North 13th Avenue in Phoenix. His adoption fee is $110 and includes his neuter surgery and vaccines. For more information call 602-997-7585 x 2045 ask for animal ID number A442249.


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