Police ‘Synchronicity 30 years Old

June 1st, 1983, The Police turned out their KOOLest album ‘Synchronicity’ including  songs like “Every Breath You Take”, “King Of Pain”, and “Wrapped Around your Finger”.

This album was so popular that my High School (Hartland Arrowhead High School in Hartland, Wisconsin) made it their yearbook cover!

I was a fan before this album, but this was the record that took them over the top and exposed them to so many more people.  It was also a time when the group was at each others throats and could not get along.  They even fought in the studio!

Not long after the tour to support the album, the Police went their seperate ways and rest is history.  I know I will be pulling out the old record and giving it a listen all over again.

Man, that was 30 years ago already?!

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