Tom Petty is on tour with his Heartbreakers, but it’s his audience that may be heart-broken.

That is if he follows through on how he feels about his set lists.  Now, I can understand, and I often put myself in the performers shoes…”how can you play the same songs show after show after show…” you know what I mean?

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Tom said “I feel that our show was getting stale. We felt kind of obligated to play all the most popular songs because people pay so much for tickets. But I want to play some of these other songs, rather than just get trapped into what people expect.”

Tom, when I buy something, I buy it with a certain expectation.  So do your fans.  I have seen it at so many shows.  When you play a song I don’t know, I head to the beer garden.

So feel free to play other stuff.  I may sit and listen, but make sure you play those HITS I expect when I spend $60 plus on my ticket to see you!

When I spent money to see the new Star Trek movie, I expected lots of special effects, and a lot of things happening in space.  They gave that to me.  When I see Fast & Furious 6, I expect stupid ‘no way that can happen’ car stunts and special effects, and they delivered.

Tom, play your stuff. I respect you and your work and your art.  But PLEASE do not avoid what made you who you are.  That’s why we love you.  Just sayin’.

FYI- this is my favorite…


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