I never saw The Doors in concert, but I remember the summer of ’67 like it was yesterday.  That was the biggest musical overload I ever experienced in my life when within a matter of weeks Jefferson Airplane’s “Surrelistic Pillow”, The Beatles “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band”, and “The Doors” debut album were released.  There was no way to avoid any of those albums that summer.

When I attended church camp that August, one of the campers brought a record players and a fresh pressing of The Doors album and the sound from that echoing down the dorm hallways still rings in my ears.  Today, we lost keyboard player Ray Manzarek after a lengthy bout with bile duct cancer.  But we’re left with the incredible music the group made in such a short period of time – less than five years.

I told someone earlier today the if the opening riff of “Light My Fire” was the only thing Ray ever wrote, it was enough to make sure he would never be forgotten as musician.  Fortunately it was only the beginning.

Here are the five biggest hits of The Doors.

5.  People Are Strange – September 1967

4.  Love Her Madly – April 1971

3.  Touch Me – December 1968

2.  Hello I Love You – July 1968

1.  Light My Fire – June 1967

Here’s a 2002 interview with Ray.


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