Carnival games are fun – just not when you blow your entire life savings on them.

A New Hampshire native had his eye on the prize when he attended his local carnival: an Xbox Kinect. He was so determined to make it his own (and confident in his ability to throw a ball into a bucket) that he blew $300 in the first few minutes by playing a game called Tubs Of Fun.

When he didn’t win, he went home to get his entire life savings -$2,300- and then back. The odds still were not in his favor.

But the next day they were – kind of. The man, 30-year-old Henry Gribbohm, returned to the carnival to demand his money back and claim the game was rigged. He didn’t get it back. And he never got the Xbox Kinect. But the man working Tubs Of Fun did give him a generous $600 refund and a giant stuffed banana. We’re sure that helped.

Now, Gribbohm is considering a lawsuit against the company, claiming that the games are set up so that no one wins. He told a local news station that when he was practicing the game, he was pretty good. But when it came time to pay up and play, the balls kept bouncing out of the bucket.

Whether the game was rigged or not, we can all learn a very valuable lesson here and that is to just man up and buy an Xbox.


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