Rush has finally been inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, but it’s certainly been a long time coming.

The second the film introducing the Canadian trio started, the crowd went wild.The film included excerpts of the movie, I Love You ManSouth Park and The Colbert Report. The latter got a particularly rousing reaction when Colbert asked the band, who had not been officially chosen to be inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, “Will your next album be called This Is Bulls***?”

That summed it up for Rush: the band’s t-shirts outnumbered those of any of their fellow inductees in the audience by at least ten to one.  From there, Foo Fighters Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins took the stage for a hilarious but reverent speech. Grohl talked of the mysteries of rock, including the “Paul Is Dead” rumor, as well as “Elvis sightings, Jim Morrison sightings… Axl Rose sightings,” the audience loved that one. And the biggest mystery of all.,”When the f*** did Rush become cool?”

Grohl then recalled getting his first copy of 2112. “The entire side one was a seven part suite with roman numerals and titles like ‘The Temples Of Syrinx,’ and ‘Oracle: The Dream.’  This was far from KISS’ ‘Love Gun’ and ‘Ladies Room’ this was something else, this was heavy s***.  then I saw what is maybe the most infamous band shot of all time: three grown men in kimonos and skin tight pants,” referencing the back cover of 2112. ” How tight?  You can still find Alex Lifeson on!”

Taylor continued by talking about Geddy Lee,  Alex Lifeson and “f***** Neil Peart! His drumming was just as musical and melodic as anything in the band. Bringing the drums where they should be, the forefront of the band!”

Adding, “Not only did he did the most ripping drum solos in the world, he also wrote the lyrics!”



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