Grand Daughter Alyssa Gets Her First Bike

I’d do anything for our little princess, and that includes putting a bike together for her.  she was so excited when i pulled the box out of the back of my Jeep Saturday, and I must admit it went along without a hitch – until I tried to assemble the left pedal.  I couldn’t get the threads to catch so I could tighten it up and be finished.

For over an hour, I went through the process with the same results.  Thinking I had finally stripped the parts, I was heading to Ace to see if they could help when i passed by our neighbor Lou’s house and saw he was in his garage  Now Lew is one very handy man, as well as one of the finest human beings I’ve ever met.  Pulling in his driveway, we pulled the bike and offending left pedal out of the back and rolled it over to his workbench.

Lew looked at the pedal and the nearly finished frame assembly and without missing a beat, screwed the pedal on in the opposite direction that I had been working.

Bingo – a little air in the tires, and Alyssa was ready to roll.  Her first ride was over to Lew’s house a block away from ours to give him a big hug for helping with her bike.Luckily I brought along my camera.


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