Prince is not too happy with social media these days.

Day 3 Of Hop Farm Festival 2011 - Prince Headlines

This time the music legend is taking aim at Vine, an offshoot of Twitter that allows its users to share short snippets of video – 6 seconds maximum.

An e-mail from Prince’s record label to the social networking company leaked onto the Internet last week and is now making its way around the web. In the short notice, the label cites copyright infringement for a small number of clips featuring his music and demand they be taken down immediately. At the bottom of the email, the links to the eight clips are listed. They were cited in the email as being “unauthorized recordings” and “unauthorized synchronization” of his music.

Prince has always been persistent when it comes to keeping his music under lock and key. He has been active about keeping his music off of YouTube and pretty much any other music or file sharing website out there. It is no different with Vine.

Next time you want to use the pop star’s music – even 6 short seconds of it – think again.


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