Spencer Davis, the singer and founder of Spencer Davis Group known for their hits “Gimme Some Lovin'” and “I’m A Man” called in to the morning show today (March 27) on our sister station, K-EARTH 101 in Los Angeles, to tell us about his recent stroke of extraordinary luck.

Spencer described how his Maltese, Dexter, led him to buying a winning lotto ticket in a market near his home on Catalina Island.

“I was walking down Catalina Street in Avalon on the left hand side towards the ocean and there’s a Von’s Express,” he explained. “I had three five dollar bills in my pocket and I was going to go over to the Marlin and have a hot chocolate…but the dog kind of got used to diving into the mini Von’s because there was a girl there, Holly, who always gave him a treat.”

While there, Spencer decided to buy a couple scratcher lotto tickets just for kicks.

“So I threw the three five dollar bills in the scratcher machine just for the hell of it. The first two came back and I got my money back…the third one, which was the California Black, I never scratched the numbers, I just scratched the bar code and read the bottom and it came back and it said ‘250,000, file report’ and I thought this machine is broken.”

After calling over the cashier and double checking the lottery ticket in the machine, the cashier confirmed that Spencer indeed won a quarter of a million dollars!

“I said, well I didn’t really win it, Dexter dragged me in here!” Spencer laughed.

He joked that after his big win, his dog has become quite the celebrity itself saying, “I’m not the most famous being on the island, it’s the dog. Everybody wants to pet the dog! It’s funny to have the richest dog on the island.”

Hear the entire interview on K-EARTH‘s website. 

— Britt Bickell, K-EARTH


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