What makes a long plane ride better?? Well.. the Harlem Shake! Duh!  Colorado College Wasabi decided to do their version of the Harlem Shake while on a plane to the President’s Day ultimate Frisbee tournament in San Diego.

Although it seems like a great idea, the FAA, Federal Aviation Administration,  has a couple of issues with the whole scenario and is questioning the status of the plane while this dance craze was taking place.

Colorado student, Matt Zelin, said they asked for permission from a flight attendant before hand, but as the FAA continues to question the plane status, Frontier Airlines continues to state the seatbelt sign was off and safety measures were followed.

I am glad to hear that one!  It’s always nice to get out of your seat and stretch your legs a little during a long flight.. don’t you think??

See the awesome video below.


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