The lovely and talented Taylor Swift wears her heart on her vocal cords…she gets the material for her songs from her relationships.  Or at least that seams to be the trend.
SO LETS PLAY!  Is this a Taylor Swift song or a Self Help Book?

1.  The  Best You’ll Ever Have.

2.  Dump That Chump.

3. The Other Side Of The Door.

4.  Better Than Revenge.

5.  Inevitable Grace.

6.  Never Grow Up.

7.  A Place In This World.

8.  The Angry Heart.

9.  Stay Beautiful.

10.  The Best Day.

11.  Why Are There No Good Men Left.

12.  Predictable Irrational.

13.  Long Live

14.  A Perfectly Good Heart



1.  The Best You’ll Ever Have.

The Best You’ll Ever Have is a self-help book by Shannon Mullen about “you know what”!

2. Dump That Chump

Dump That Chump! is a self-help book. Psychologist, author, columnist, and speaker Dr. Debra Mandel helps you find the “red flags” in your relationship — looks like T. Swift could have used a copy!

3.  The Other Side of the Door

“The Other Side Of The Door” is a track from the Fearless Platinum Edition.

4.  Better Than Revenge

“Better Than Revenge” appeared on Taylor’s most recent album, Speak Now.

5.  Inevitable Grace

A “classic guide to breakthrough transpersonal experiences” according to Amazon, although we prefer to just pop on some Fearless.

6.  Never Grow Up

“Never Grow Up” appeared on 2010’s Speak Now.

7.  A Place in this World

“A Place In This World” is from Taylor’s debut self-titled album, back in 2006. Little did she know what her place would be in our world!

8.  The Angry Heart

The Angry Heart is a self-help book about overcoming borderline and addictive disorders. Although we seriously doubt it will help with our addiction to “Love Story.”

9. Stay Beautiful

“Stay Beautiful” is from Taylor’s self-titled debut.

10.  The Best Day

“The Best Day” appears on Fearless, Taylor’s 2008 breakout album!

11.  Why are There No Good Men Left?

Why Are There No Good Men Left is a look at the perils of modern relationships, love, and commitment by Cultural historian Barbara Dafoe Whitehead. Taylor knows better!

12.  Predictable Irrational

is a New York Times best-seller, all about human decision making.

13.  Live Long

“Long Live” appeared on 2010’s Speak Now, and has an amazing reference to fighting dragons towards the end.

14.  A Perfectly Good Heart

“A Perfectly Good Heart” is an oldie but a goodie from the 2006 self-titled debut. Enjoy!




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