The 10 Most Unexpected Oscar Moments

1. Jennifer Lawrence loves McDonald’s.

Jennifer Lawrence is not your typical Hollywood actress. While doing press on the red carpet, she told multiple reporters that she was starving. She wanted McDonald’s and she wanted it bad.

2. Paul Rudd gets a nose job.

While presenting with Melissa McCarthy, Rudd got a little too excited – and a little too close to the microphone. He ran his nose right into the microphone while leaning to get closer to it. Oops.


3. Sandra Bullock simply can not open an envelope.

While presenting an award, she left the audience hanging when she wasn’t able to open the envelope. Maybe she just wanted to keep us waiting.


4. Adele’s Performance

Adele took the stage for the first time in a very long time to sing Skyfall for the first time ever. She was just as amazing as we’d remembered.

(Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

(Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

5. And she adds to her large collection of awards!

She is almost halfway to world domination. Adele won Best Song for her original song that was the theme for the latest Bond installment. She can set this award on her shelf right in between all her Grammys!

162593982 The 10 Most Unexpected Oscar Moments

5. When Emmanuelle Riva is suddenly a nominee for Best Director.

Right before announcing the winner for Best Director, the screen was supposed to flash the five nominees. However, David O. Russell was nowhere to be found and in his place was a puzzled Emmanuelle Riva. Neither Russell nor Riva won the top honor.

85th Annual Academy Awards - Backstage

6. Daniel Day-Lewis is hilarious.

When Daniel Day-Lewis took the stage to accept his Oscar for Best Actor, the audience was in for quite a laugh – and an unexpected one. Is it to early to start rallying Daniel for Oscar Host 2014?

85th Annual Academy Awards - Backstage

7. Michelle Obama Presents Top Honor

The First Lady surprised the audience when she showed up – only by satellite – to present Best Picture. It is not everyday you win an Oscar and have it presented to you by the First Lady herself.

85th Annual Academy Awards - Show

8. Quvenzhané Wallis Has a lot of spunk!

Every time the camera panned to the youngest nominee, she was dancing or smiling or laughing – or doing something to crack us up.


9. Tommy Lee Jones finally laughed.

The show’s host made it his mission to make the Best Supporting Actor nominee laugh. The fact that this was the host’s mission made Jones laugh. Mission accomplished.

An Alternative Look At The 85th Annual Academy Awards

10. Jennifer Lawrence’s Acceptance Speech

Yes, she fell but Lawrence didn’t seem to care. She was t00 excited that she had just won Best Actress. She laughed it off by telling the audience she knew they were only standing for her because they felt bad for her. This made her even more lovable, if this is even possible.


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