First of all… “Wreck It Ralph” is back for one week at Harkins Theaters across the Valley.  Check your theater for times.

Another family film is out this weekend…

#2.)  “Escape From Planet Earth”  (PG)

An animated movie with Brendan Fraser and Rob Corddry as two alien brothers captured by humans and locked up in Area 51.  They try to bust out with the help of three other aliens, played by Jane LynchCraig Robinson, and George Lopez.

It also stars William Shatner as the general in charge of Area 51, Jessica Alba as the leader of the alien version of NASA, Ricky Gervais as the voice of the ship’s computer, and Sofia Vergara as an alien news reporter.

#1.)  “A Good Day to Die Hard”  (R)

The fifth “Die Hard” movie has John McClane heading to Russia to save his son Jack . . . completely unaware that Jack is actually a CIA agent trying to stop terrorists from stealing nuclear weapons.

Bruce Willis is back as John McClane . . . and Jai Courtney, who you may remember as Varro on the “Spartacus” TV series, plays his son.


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