This weekend, the wife went to San Diego to visit friends and family. I was at home with my 13 year old Mia and my 9 year old Sofia. Mia had a cheerleading competition on Saturday, so Friday night, she stayed at her friends house. Sofia had a sleepover with her “bestie” from school….so that left me ALONE. I felt like a little kid again! Should I eat a gallon of ice cream? How about right out of the milk carton in the fridge? Nope. I had buffalo wings and a couple of beers. By myself. The night was not finished yet. I went to a 10:15pm showing of ZERO DARK 30…and I stayed up for the entire movie! No calling to check in. No calls or texts asking where I am and when I will be home. Actually, I missed it. That’s OK, it was only one night, now back to business as usual.


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