Family Feud Auditions!

A couple weeks ago a press release came across my desk that mentioned that the casting folks from Family Feud were going to be in Phoenix looking for families to participate.
I signed my family up for the audition…in fact my niece is flying in from California. (She’s our 5th person)


Tom Peake has NO faith in me.  He played a little Feud with me this morning…yikes!

Maybe he’s right!

Listen to this!


Who in the Knight household is auditioning?

Survey say…..

Maria (me)

Eric (hubby)

Lucy (daughter)

Barb (sister-in-law)

Jackie (niece from California)


What:  Family Feud Auditions

Where:  Phoenix Convention Center

When:  Saturday, February 9 – Sunday, February 10

How:  Call 323.762.8467 or email


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