I am sitting at home today with a ton of congestion, some ginger ale, some medicine…and the remote control. This is pretty much what it takes to get me in front of a TV to channel surf. I have no desire to ever sit still. BUT, with this cold, I am feeling lazy.

I love this channel called Palladia. It’s a music channel that plays live concerts, and has some special music programming. There is a show I just love called “Live From Daryl’s House“. This is a show created by Daryl Hall from Hall & Oates. He invites musicians from all styles of music to come over to his house and jam and eat.

This episode today featured Smokey Robinson. I was amazed. Two outstanding musicians playing each others songs. It was a song called “Don’t Know Why” that had me with my jaw on the floor. Check it out. Amazing…simply amazing.


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