I know it’s a Jackson Browne song, but I am gearing up for my visit to Dr. Schwartz. I go in on February 7th for an evaluation to determine which procedure they will need to do on me to allow me to get rid of these glasses. Right now, I have to have my contacts out, and my glasses on. I have been out of my contacts longer because I ran out of the disposables. Oh, well. It’s almost here, so soon enough I can ditch all of this stuff! I went to see them a while back and they have a HUGE office with all sorts of memorabilia on the walls from all the athletes they help. Plus, they have a full set up for glasses and things of that nature. My last eye doctor did not have a quarter of the equipment that Dr. Schwartz has. It’s an amazing place. Most importantly, I was treated well when I was there. The techs were very helpful telling me which test was for what and if I had any questions, they were morte than happy to answer. That kind of stuff is important to me. It’s MY eyesight we’re talking about! Well, as I get closer to the actual LASIK procedure, I will keep you updated. They gave me permission to bring in a video recorder, so I plan to video the entire thing and post it for you to see. I had so many questions leading up to this, I think that allowing you to see what actually goes into this may help you make a decision for yourself if you are looking to do something similar. All the best to you. Please leave me any comments you can. I will need all the help I can get.


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