You’ve heard of the “Prop Bets” that you can make in Vegas.   (Will the National Anthem be flubbed, etc.)

Why not have everyone throw in a couple of bucks and answer a few “Prop Bet” questions with the person getting the most correct winning the pot!

Here’s a few to get you started…

Heads or tails?

Which team will win the coin toss?

What company will have the first commercial after the kickoff of the game?

What company will have the second commercial?

What will be the first animal in a commercial?  (Cartoons count, and “humans” isn’t an answer)

What car company will have the first commercial?

What will the first play of the game be … run or pass?

How will the first score of the game happen (i.e. 49ers field goal, Ravens touchdown, etc etc)?

What will the first penalty of the game be (offsides, false start, pass interference, etc.)?

What team will score the first touchdown?

What team will call the first timeout of the game?

Which team will fumble first … Ravens or 49ers?  (NOTE:  Any fumble counts, even if the fumbling team keeps the ball)

Which child at this party will cry first once the game starts?

At an agreed-upon commercial break we will flip over to Animal Planet’s “Puppy Bowl IX” … what breed of dog will be on the screen (Mixed breeds will be consensus of the room)?

Who will be winning at halftime (you can also guess “tied”)?

What is the first song sung by Beyonce at halftime?

Will Beyonce show cleavage during her first song?

Will Beyonce’s husband Jay-Z perform during the Halftime Show (appearing on camera doesn’t count, he has to perform)?

Who will have more total passing yards … 49ers Colin Kaepernick or Ravens Joe Flacco

Who will have more receiving yards … 49ers Michael Crabtree or Ravens Anquan Boldin?

Who will have more rushing yards … 49ers Frank Gore or Ravens Ray Rice?

The longest touchdown of the game will be for how many yards?

What color liquid will get poured on the winning coach?


What time will the game end?


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