The Cardinals have hired a new head coach.
Bruce Arians came from Indianapolis….
Tom and Maria decided this morning that he needs to know some things and may need some advice about our desert livin’!

1.  It’s dry and hot so drink LOTS of water.

2.  Don’t leave your winter coat in Indianapolis.  It does get chilly and your blood thins.

3.  Beware of bugs!  We don’t have a lot of them, but the few we do have can be very nasty.  Stay away from spiders you see, until you can recognize them,  since we have several poisonous species.  Brown recluse and black widow are two of the nastier types.

4.  Treat ALL cacti as if they are dancers:  Look, but don’t touch!!!

5.  Arizona ice tea is made in New York, NOT Arizona.

Our KOOL listeners had some suggestions for our new coach Bruce!


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