Dog Of The Week – CHICO

Chico is an English Bull Terrier:
The Bull Terrier is sweet-tempered, yet also rowdy and clownish and full of fire and determination.

This muscular goofball does best with active families, for he has a high energy level that comes in spurts and bursts….

He is very curious and mischievous and need to be engaged in physical and mental activity daily.

He needs frequent, brisk walks, occasional vigorous games of ball, and total immersion in the family, i.e. LOTS of companionship and interactive play sessions.

Most Bullies greet strangers with enthusiastic bounding (often knocking the guest over) and face kissing.

Famous Bull Terriers:
Spuds Mckenzie (Budweiser Mascot)
Bullseye (Target Mascot)
Chico (Next Friday the Movie)
Satchel  (ran for president in 2012 on Facebook)

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Chico came to HALO because he was being protective of his yard and he was barking at the mailman.  Well the mailman didn’t take his barking seriously and stuck his hand over the fence to pet Chico and Chico bit him.
He has been nothing but a love bug to everyone he has met here at HALO.  He is a goofball and he leaps and bounds all over his cage.

Chico seems to be afraid of toys being tossed to him. 😦
He walks well on a leash and he is true to his nature with bouts of energy.  He has had some work done on his teeth recently because he had a root exposed.  He still needs one more session that is scheduled for this week to have the other exposed root worked on.   Other than that, he has a clean bill of health.
His adoption fee is $355 and that includes his 2 sessions of dental work, microchip, neuter, vaccines, and license.

Halo logo

Just so you aren’t freaking out about Halo bringing a dog with a bite history, when Chico went to the vet he was a sweet and well behaved boy.  He is actually a ham and a goober goof ball!  He loves the attention and he wants to meet new people.

Visit for more information.  Halo Rescue has moved locations and their website has the details.

chicodouble Dog Of The Week   CHICO

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